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About Me

Student, Producer & Aviator

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Meiklejohn. I am a human finding my place in the world. I live in the big city of Canberra, and study at The Australian National University. Outside of study, I'm a CASA licenced pilot under a RPL(A) licence, and I'm also a skilled audio engineer with experience in theatrical production and live mixing. One of my current projects is Captivating Canberra, a YouTube series on my main channel about interesting places in Australia's Capital City.

  • Canberra, ACT
  • Media, Stories & The Environment
  • www.gabriellemeiklejohn.com
  • hello@gabriellemeiklejohn.com
  • 0412 578 219
  • @gabbymeiklejohn

Skills and Abilities

A small selection of my skills, abilities, and some other things that I can do
  • Photography & Videography

    From tinkering with my own cameras, to spending time as a Video Producer for The Streaming Guys, I have a deep love for all things video production

  • Research & Investigation

    I love diving into topics and trying to learn as much as there is to know about them, then synethesising that in order to educate others and share my passion

  • Outdoor Adventuring

    Learned from my time in Scouts, I love getting out in new terrain, appreciating the outdoor environment, and making new discoveries about the world around me

  • An Award Winning Laugh

    Seriously, I was the 2022 winner of the ANU Cheerleading Clubs' Best Laugh Award. I was pretty chuffed with this one. Feels really good to be appreciated

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